Valentine’s Day is a lovely holiday, no pun intended. Even for the most stone-hearted among us, there’s something undeniably sweet about a day devoted to that special someone in our lives. However, media, peer pressure, and expectations set upon us by our partners or ourselves mean we often think that we need to spend exorbitant amounts of money to show our love and affection, which can cause plenty of stress and anxiety for those who are on a tight budget. 

It turns out that there’s some truth to these expectations, too. According to Forbes, the average American was expected to spend about $175 on Valentine’s Day gifts, celebrations, and activities in 2022, which is no small chunk of change! However, it doesn’t need to be this way. Smart budgeters can find plenty of ways to cherish and show love to their partners without breaking the bank, many of which can be just as memorable–if not more so–than a traditional fancy meal or shiny diamond. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on planning a cost-effective celebration that will still make your significant other feel like a million bucks:

  1. Communicate with your partner

Of course, just about any relationship advice boils back down to communication, communication, communication, and it turns out that Valentine’s Day is no different. A major reason so many of us spend so much on the holiday is due to self-imposed or assumed expectations: That is, we assume our partner wants the big, extravagant gift, then we feel pressured to buy it for them.

But what if that’s just not true? A great way to save money on Valentine’s Day is by simply asking your partner what they want or what they expect. Oftentimes, it may turn out that they don’t even care about the big gift or the 10-course dinner, and would prefer to just spend a low-key (and low cost) evening with their beloved. And if you and your partner like to be surprised, you need not ruin the romance; this communication can be as broad as “what type of celebration would you like to see?” and let the suspense live in the unknown details.

  1. Look for free events around town

Once you’re planning your night out, it can be discouraging when every event seems to be a budget-buster. Sky-high cover charges, pricey pre-fixe meals, and more can feel like they’re everywhere, but that’s not necessarily the case. Most decent-sized cities or towns will have some activities that are low-cost or even free, so long as you know where to look; museums, public parks, and nature preserves can be cost-effective ways to spend a beautiful afternoon or evening with your sweetie.

And that’s just the start. Ask around your network, checking in with friends, family members, and even coworkers to see if anybody has the low-down on what’s going on around town. You’d be surprised to find out just how much you can do without even opening your wallet. The best part? These activities will often be completely outside the realm of what you’d normally have done, making for a truly unique and memorable celebration together.

  1. Stay inside and stay in love

Want to take the change of pace a step further? Scrap the entire idea of “going out” altogether! A date doesn’t need to be anywhere in particular, as long as it’s quality time spent doing something out of the ordinary with someone you love and care about. And there’s something uniquely fun and challenging about finding a new and unexpected activity to do around a place as familiar as your own home.

So here’s where you get to use your imagination: A great Valentine’s Date could be trying to cook a new recipe together–even if you screw up, you’ll be learning something new as a couple. It could be pairing a favorite movie with a favorite dinner and drinks, complete with candles and mood lighting–turning your house into your favorite date spot can pull new charm out of a comfortable space. Even something as truly small as spending quality time in a part of the house where you don’t normally hang out can feel just that little bit extra special. So put on your explorer cap and find something new in your own home!

  1. Set a budget challenge for gifts or dates

Another way to keep your budget in check during the most romantic holiday is to bring it straight to the forefront by making the budget part of the fun. How so? Well, it goes back to communicating with your partner: Talk to them about how you want to have a great time while staying within a budget, and set a challenge for each of you to plan the most fun date within that budget.

Trust us, this can lead to plenty of memorable experiences. Maybe you blow your budget on a nice bottle of champagne, but then the entire rest of the night is at home with DIY decorations and hand-made gifts. And maybe your partner decides to go all-in and buy concert tickets to that show you both wanted to see… but you end up having a blast all the way up in the nosebleeds. A small budget often leads to the most creative outcomes!

  1. Plan ahead for something really fun

If you and your partner are more left-brained, logical, slow-and-steady types, you may not even need to celebrate Valentine’s Day at all… at least not on the day itself. Rather, the two of you can find something awesome to experience later on–a special meal, a vacation, tickets to a big show or game, and plan to budget towards it going forward, adding a bit of money each day, week, or month until you finally have enough. 

It sounds strange, and even possibly “unromantic” to talk about budgeting for the future instead of enjoying a date on Valentine’s Day, but for the right type of people, the feeling of working towards and achieving that savings goal together can make the final experience all the more worthwhile and create a true moment of bonding.

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