Written by Spotloan

When the start of a new year rolls around, filing our taxes can be one of the most dreaded tasks on our to-do lists. But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of easy-to-use and affordable apps and websites that guide you through the process of filing your taxes without all the hassle. 

One of our favorite tips for your taxes is to explore your options. Some pull your information from previous returns to autofill forms that haven’t changed, others offer free state filing when you use them to file your federal taxes, and others are free altogether. 

We’ll talk about the free ones before moving on to other convenient and affordable tax apps. 

What is the Best Way to File Your Taxes for Free? 

The best resource for free tax filing is the one that the IRS provides. After you answer a few basic questions, they’ll pair you with a partner that provides free filing for individuals under certain income levels. 

For individuals or families who make less than $73,000 per year, federal filing is free. Some of their partners offer free state filing to go with it, as long as you meet their requirements. Their guided tax prep does the work for you, at an affordable rate or for free, and the result is guaranteed. 

The IRS free file is the best option for many, but it won’t work for everyone. If you earn over their income level or your taxes are particularly complicated, you may find a better fit elsewhere. We’ll talk about the next best options in the section following this one. 

Best Tax Apps 2022 

For most of us, the goal while filing our taxes is to get the largest tax return possible. To do so, we need to check for every tax credit and deduction that may apply to our unique situations. But sifting through all of them, along with all of our relevant documents, can be difficult and time-consuming. 

One of the things that makes these the best tax apps in 2022 is that they do this part of the job for you. You answer simple questions and they guide you in the right direction, confirming along the way that you’re optimizing your tax filing to get the highest return possible. 

Here are some DIY tax filer favorites: 

Let’s break them all down. 


FreeTaxUSA currently offers free federal filing and $14.99 state filing, electronically sending your documents directly to the IRS. To date, they’ve filed over 50 million tax returns, making it easier to file by pulling previous returns from several other platforms. 

They guarantee 100% accuracy and the maximum refund available to you. There is no app, but its web platform is user-friendly and effective. 


For the simplest tax situations, TaxSlayer offers free state and federal filing. For slightly more complex filing, they offer free federal filing, with a charge of $36.97 for the state. They guarantee the maximum refund and 100% accuracy, whether you use the free version, classic, premium, or self-employed. TaxSlayer also has a free app for tax filing, resources, news, and tips.

H&R Block 

H&R Block is one of the most popular tax filing services, and for good reason. You can follow their guided questions to file on your own, or take advantage of one of their experts - in person, over the phone, or online. Both options come with a maximum refund guarantee. 

They also offer an advanced refund loan. If you file online on your own, you can file basic returns for free. If you choose to work with an expert, their current rate is $80, plus an additional fee for state filing. 


LibertyTax is another name that most of us are familiar with. Their tax calculator allows you to explore your options before committing to a filing path or program. You can file online or book an appointment at one of their nearly 3,000 locations across the country.  

Their 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund advance option make it easy to get the most money back and quickly. And their refer-a-friend program offers a $50 incentive when you share the benefits of their services with someone else. 

The basic filing package currently starts at $36.95. If you prefer having access on the go, they are another that offers a convenient, free app.