There’s a chill in the air and before you know it, the holidays will soon be approaching. While this is typically a joyous time, hallmarked by spending time with loved ones, it can also end up costing you more than you might expect. Between gifts, travel plans, and food expenses, the holiday season can rack up a hefty bill if you aren’t careful. Utilize these tips to help yourself start saving now so you can spend more freely this upcoming holiday season.

Calculate Your Holiday Costs

No matter what holiday or holidays you celebrate, costs can add up fast. Sometimes, it is helpful to begin calculating how much you are planning to spend beforehand. Many people struggle around the holiday times because they are spending a lot of money all at once. Calculating how much you intend to spend can help you divide up the costs more efficiently and could also allow you to space out your spending. While your costs are merely just an estimate, you will want to consider money that you might be spending on fuel, travel arrangements, dining expenses, food preparation costs, and gifts.

Cut Down on Unnecessary Expenses

When planning for holiday shopping, you will always want to ensure that you are planning well in advance. How much you need to cut down on unnecessary expenses could depend on your own individual budget and how much you already typically spend per month. If you are not familiar with budgeting for your needs and your wants, then you will first want to start there. Assessing what you need versus what you want can help you trim the fat on your excess monthly spending, allowing you to free up some money for the holiday season. What you deem as “unnecessary” may not be considered unnecessary to the next person. So, keep in mind that saving habits are relative.

Make a Weekly or Monthly Savings Goal

Depending on your budget and spending plans for the holiday season, you will want to make sure you are consistently putting away money for your holiday spending. Remember that even a little contribution will make a difference in the long run. Even if you are just adding more change to your change bucket per week, this could leave you with less bulk spending to do come holiday time. Make a saving plan out beforehand on what you would like to do for your minimum monthly or weekly contribution and try to stick to it.

Plan on Spending Smart

Starting now, plan on starting to spend smartly on your purchases. This applies for what you are buying the next few months, as well as your holiday spending. Check into your recent or ongoing subscription services to see if you are still utilizing what they offer. You might want to cancel services that you are no longer using or just consider a cheaper alternative. While you are at it, also make sure that you are not paying for something twice. Oftentimes, we will accidentally sign up for a service more than once. When it comes around to holiday time, utilize deals and offers to make the most out of your budget. Go in with a plan and keep an eye out for discounts, even in advance of the actual holiday season. This could include Amazon Prime Days, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals.

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Costs associated with the holiday season can add up fast and can wreak havoc on your budget. Holiday spending can create a real financial headache and could even make it difficult to make ends meet. However, you do not have to be forced to choose between holiday spending and your necessities if you start playing your cards right before the season begins. Getting a jump start on your saving plan may be all that you need. 

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