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The first day back at school can be very intimidating. This change in a child's schedule can be frustrating and overwhelming for both children and their parents. A great way to help eliminate the stress that surrounds back-to-school season is to throw a party to celebrate the upcoming year. These back-to-school party ideas will ensure you make the most of the remaining summer time, while saving money along the way, to kick off the school year.


To help ease the mixed-feelings that often surround back-to-school season for children, set up a photoshoot. For props, consider back-to-school related materials, such as your child holding up a sign that says what grade they are going into. During the photoshoot, have your child model their new school clothes and do an impromptu fashion show! If your child does not have their back-to-school clothes yet, there are ways you can budget to find just what they need.


One of the best back-to-school party ideas is to get the whole neighborhood involved. If you don’t know your neighbors already, this is a great chance to meet them, as well as introduce your children to other children their age. This may help them create some new friends before the start of the school year. Have everyone that is attending bring a dish to pass. Some great party food ideas if you are hosting a smaller party include sliders, salsa, popcorn, and popsicles.

Movie Night

While this back-to-school party idea might sound very bland, it’s actually with a twist. Instead of popping a movie into the television or bringing up Netflix, you’re going to set up shop outside. This idea requires the use of a projector, which can be purchased or rented. Find a big clutter-free area outside, which might be up against the side of the house, garage door, or fence. This will be the backdrop for the movie. Then, get to work setting up the seating. This could be done with blankets, chairs, or even pool floaties.

Library Day

In the spirit of going back-to-school, attending a library event or hosting an event at your local library can help encourage your child to read. Check with your local public library on upcoming events. Most public libraries have events that feature volunteers that read to children on certain days. You may also be able to attend an event virtually or listen to past recordings. There may also be character days, book signings, and special children-centered events scheduled before the start of the year. You can also plan your own day to the library with your child, complete with book-related crafts and treats.

Book Bag DIY

A book bag is something that your child will be using every day. So, you will want to ensure that your child has a book bag that is both functional and is the style they like. Having a day where you customize your child’s book bag can get them excited to use it. Think about supplies such as buttons, pins, stickers, patches, and markers. While this would work best with a white plain backpack, any type of book bag can be customized, from tote bags to those with wheels.

Tip for Teachers: Throw a Classroom Welcome Party

While most teachers have the first day of school planned to be pretty easy for students to help get them acclimated to the new schedule, taking most of the day or the whole day off to have a party can lift students’ spirits even more. If you are a teacher and are looking for back to school party food ideas, you will need to follow the guidelines put forth by your school. However, candy is always a popular choice and tooth-friendly options may be available that you can purchase in bulk to help you save on your budget.

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