Podcasts are an easy, convenient, and budget-friendly way to learn about anything from arts and crafts to true crime. There’s truly something out there to suit any age group or interest. And when it comes to learning about one of the most important topics out there - financial education - there are plenty of podcast options to choose from. 

One of the best things about podcasts is that, unlike a more structured course, degree, or certificate program, it’s all done on your own time. You can listen to podcasts where you like, when, and for as long as you choose. And most of them are even free. 

If you’re dreading your next commute, killing time between meetings or classes, looking for something to listen to while your kids nap, or multi-tasking at the gym, why not find a financial education podcast to fill the gap? 

Financial literacy is a valuable tool to have. Improving it can help us make better financial decisions, effectively manage our money, reach our goals, and reduce our stress levels. To help you get right to it, we’ve broken down some of the best podcasts about finance, depending on your needs. 

The Best Financial Education Podcasts for Established Families and Individuals

There are many different podcasts about finance that pertain to families, so how do you choose the right ones? Rather than sorting through the hundreds of options out there, here are some of the podcasts that people in this demographic are enjoying the most: 

Each of these podcasts cover topics that may be pertinent to families, like building generational wealth, pursuing financial independence, decluttering, tackling your financial goals, managing money for multiple people, and investing for your family’s future

The Best Financial Education Podcasts for Growing Families  

It’s no secret that our finances get more complicated when we add children to the mix. Each bundle of joy we bring home also brings a new set of responsibilities, financial and otherwise. Here are a few podcast favorites that talk a lot about finances for growing families: 

If you’re looking for ways to save on diapers, the best accounts for college tuition savings, how to have money conversations with kids, and suggestions for frugal or free activities, these three would be your best bet.  

The Best Financial Education Podcasts for Single Adults and Students 

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you may not be interested in listening to the same podcasts as a new retiree. Instead, choose one of the following podcasts, which cover topics like investing basics, financial tips and student loan repayment advice, recommended savings percentages according to age range, and more:

  • Millennial Investing (the ins and outs of investing)
  • DIY Money (with 15-minute episodes, this may also be a good one for busy parents looking for bite-sized overviews) 
  • The Side Hustle Show (action tips and strategies from entrepreneurs who have turned side hustles into businesses) 

The Best Financial Education Podcasts for Adults Approaching Retirement 

About 50% of women ages 55 to 66 and 47% of men in the same age group have no personal retirement savings. Personal finance is an important topic that isn’t discussed nearly enough, and many older generations are facing the consequences of this mistake now. But when it comes to saving and course-correcting, it’s better late than never. 

Podcasts about finance that are specifically made for retirees or soon-to-be retirees can help you make the most of it if you’ve struggled to save. These podcasts cover things like the best tax-advantaged accounts to use, how much to save, how to earn more, and where to keep your savings: