Written by Spotloan

Summer is drawing to a close, but there is still time to make the most of it. With the school season on the horizon, now is the time to squeeze in those last few summer plans. These last minute summer activities for teens and kids will help you enjoy these last weeks of summer without breaking the bank.

1.   Plan a Picnic

Planning a picnic is one of the best summer activities for kids and it doesn't have to cost you an incremental dime. Simply grab snacks and food items that you already have in the house. Take a blanket with you, as well as some beverages, and pick a nice park to have your picnic. You can even bring board games or books with you too. Ideal picnic spots might include somewhere along a body of water, a shady area in a park, or somewhere that has a playground for your kids to run around and burn off some energy.

2.   Visit Your State Park 

Most state parks are, or have areas that are, free to access. Visiting your local state park can help your kids out into nature, but can also provide an educational opportunity as well. Every state park has some historical significance and may have a visitor's center or signage, as well as exhibits featuring the native flora and fauna. State parks also offer a great opportunity to explore new landscapes, with many offering various hiking trails, landmarks, and overlooks. 

3.   Visit a Free Museum

Rainy day got you down? Not a problem! You can always load up the kids and head to your local free museum. Upon arrival, make your way to the visitor's center or help desk. They often have extra free activities that your children can partake in while they are there, such as a scavenger hunt, to help keep them occupied for longer. While museums offer a great learning activity for those gloomy days, many museums are great outdoor activities for sunny days as well. Explore the grounds of your local free museum, as there are often exhibits or gardens. You may also find a completely outdoor museum, such as a historical settlement. Search up what is available to you for your area to plan accordingly.

4.   Get on The Water

There are many water-related summer activities that involve being around or in a body of water. Even though the school season is fast-approaching, the weather can still be quite hot. So, planning a fun activity around the water can help to keep you cool. Look for free local beaches in your area, as well as lakes that offer rentals. Generally, when lakes provide rentals you can rent out a variety of different watercraft. This includes renting out kayaks, paddle boards, and paddle boats. Some lake offices and visitor centers even offer fishing equipment rentals. Just ensure you have all the required licensing before hitting the water.

5.   Bike Your City

Pedaling around on two wheels offers a great opportunity for one of the best summer activities for teens. Take some time to enjoy the weather, as well as take in some sightseeing. Visit popular tourist destinations or venture onto roads less-traveled. Maybe make a pit stop at a local diner for a bite to eat before you head home. If you do not own your own bikes, you can typically find rentals at visitor centers or transport hubs. For more family summer activities, check out this post.

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