Written by Spotloan

If you need money quickly, extra hours at work and side hustles aren’t always the most viable options. Neither are they always options at all. Thankfully, most of us have plenty of items hanging around our homes that we’re no longer using. 

And selling them is one of the best ways to make money online. Here are some of the best items to declutter and turn into quick cash:

  1. Clothing 

Clothing is one of the most popular categories for secondhand shoppers. Forbes reported that 82% of people have or are open to shopping secondhand when money gets tighter. Old clothes that are still in good shape can earn you a pretty penny with minimal effort. 

If you’re wondering how to sell clothes online, we’ve got suggestions. On Poshmark, you can take pictures, name your price, and post your items. Buyers can make offers, you can negotiate, and you can even offer a bundle discount to encourage people to buy multiple items at once. 

The trade-off is that you’re doing the work, so choose items in good condition that you know you can make enough money off of for it to be worth it. For clothes that are in decent condition but you know will sell for less, consider ordering a closet clean-out bag from ThredUp instead. 

With this option, you simply pack up a bag of clothing and ship it to them. They pull what they think will sell, take pictures, and post the items for you. You have less control over pricing and lose more to fees, but it is the easier option and some people prefer that quick, easy turnaround.

  1. Electronics 

Electronics are another easy starting point when selling items from your home. Old phones, laptops, TVs, video game consoles, and other unused but still functional electronics can be sold for quick cash through websites like eBay, Gazelle, and OfferUp

  1. Books 

If you’ve ever bought new textbooks, you know how expensive they can be. That’s why there’s such a large market for used textbooks. If you have old but still relevant textbooks or other instructionals, you can sell them on websites like BookScouter, Textbook Rush, and Amazon

Most sites will also accept regular fiction and nonfiction hardcovers in good condition, giving you the chance to further declutter and add a few extra dollars to your growing pile. You can also try Half Price Books if you live or work in a state where they operate.

  1. Furniture

New furniture, whether bedroom, living room, or elsewhere, can run shoppers hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you’ve recently downsized or replaced your sofa or bedroom set, consider selling your old one through OfferUp, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace

Keep in mind that this would only apply to items that are still in working order and good condition. No one will want to buy furniture with missing supports or massive stains. 

  1. Kiddie Clutter 

If you have kids of your own, we don’t have to tell you that they grow quickly. Rather than letting the toys, bikes, sleds, and other items they’ve moved on from gather dust, you can sell them to someone who will make good use of them and appreciate acquiring them at a lower price. 

Facebook Marketplace is a popular space for parents looking to unload unused kid wares. Craigslist is another. And then there are consignment chains that are always looking for gently used children’s items, too, like Once Upon A Child

  1. Kitchen Goods 

Coffee makers, waffle irons, stand-alone shelving units or cupboards, pot and pan sets, and bakeware are items that will always have a massive market. Everyone from first-time renters to retirees needs them. And many try first to buy them used. 

That’s why they’re some of the most commonly thrifted items. If you’re planning to upgrade or have extras, sell them through Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp

  1. Holiday Decor

Seasonal items are among some of the most expensive. Colorful Christmas village sets, old Christmas trees, oversized lawn ornaments, and other pieces you’ve outgrown might sell well. Like kitchen goods, the best places to sell your holiday decor are Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp.

  1. Games 

Kids (and kids at heart) tend to outgrow video games quickly, but there is a significant secondhand market for them when that time comes. One of the best places to sell old video games, along with CDs, DVDs, selective books, and even some electronics is Decluttr

  1. Exercise Equipment 

Many people buy exercise equipment with the best intentions, only to discover two years later that they’ve yet to use it. If you’ve got an old treadmill, weight set, or other exercise equipment gathering dust, post it on Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp. You can also try Play It Again Sports if you live or work in a state where they operate.

  1. Handmade Items 

Handmade items are, arguably, more sought after than ever. If you’re skilled with a sewing needle, you can create monogrammed items for next to nothing and sell them for a profit. If you can knit, you can create potholders, baby blankets, coasters, and many other items. 

Seasonal items, like handmade Christmas ornaments or Easter egg wreaths, also tend to sell well. Get creative and make good use of your skills. When you’re ready, Etsy is the best platform for selling unique goods. 

A note from Spotloan:

Now that we have provided you with ten ideas on what to sell to make a quick buck, we wanted to take a moment to remind all of our readers about the importance of practicing online safety. Be sure to take the appropriate steps to stay safe when buying and selling online. In particular, be sure to abide by the following recommendations.

  • Always meet in a public place
  • Let another trusted adult know what you are doing
  • Meet during the day during well-lit hours
  • Conduct high-priced transactions at a local bank
  • Never pay in cash
  • Disable your Caller ID
  • Do not use your personal email address 
  • Keep your mobile device unlocked and accessible during the transaction
  • Do not reveal personal information