Sep 25, 2020 4:02:18 PM Insider, Coronavirus

Non-Filers can Register with the IRS to Receive an Economic Impact Payment

As we inch toward the confirmation of a second Economic Impact Payment, there are a few important notes to consider. While you may still be eligible for a payment if you don’t normally file tax returns, you’ll need to provide your information to the IRS soon to qualify. Individuals who earn under $12,200 per year, married couples who make under $24,400 per year, and others who rely solely on federal benefits have the opportunity to send their information to the IRS through their convenient non-filers tool.

Sep 24, 2020 4:01:01 PM Insider, Coronavirus

Am I Eligible to Receive an Economic Impact Payment?

By this point in the economic stimulus conversations that transpired this past spring, the eligibility requirements for the first Economic Impact Payment were clear. With heated and persistent debates continuously delaying the second Economic Impact Payment, the information we’re all looking for now may be harder to find.

Sep 23, 2020 5:52:49 PM Insider, Coronavirus

Those who Receive Federal Benefits can still get an Economic Impact Payment for their Children

In April 2020, we talked briefly about the $500 credit per dependent child under 16 in the first coronavirus relief package. When it came to determining who was qualified for the credit, there was a lot of conflicting information floating around. With information coming in from every possible direction, it seems that some people missed out on the per-child payment the first time around.

Sep 22, 2020 10:57:36 AM Insider, Coronavirus

You May Qualify for an Economic Impact Payment, Even if You Don’t Normally File Taxes

Earlier this year, most American adults received an economic stimulus check as part of the original $2 trillion coronavirus recovery package. Now, we’re looking ahead to the next one, as negotiators work toward a new coronavirus relief package. Once the House and the Senate can agree on certain details in the package, a second Economic Impact Payment can be expected.

Apr 13, 2020 4:23:54 PM Insider, Debt, Coronavirus

Understanding Your Stimulus Check

By now, we’re all eagerly anticipating our COVID-19 stimulus payments. With every update regarding the payments, we’re given a few answers, but it seems we finish reading with just as many questions. If you’re wondering how much you’ll receive as a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act that was signed into law late last month, there’s an easy way to calculate your total and find answers to your other questions.

Apr 7, 2020 3:00:00 AM Insider, Jobs, Employment

In Demand Jobs for the Unemployed

There has been a lot of uncertainty since COVID-19 coverage ramped up in the United States and across the rest of the world. In particular, financial uncertainty seems to fluctuate with each coronavirus-related update, and rampant layoffs and fluctuations in the market are providing a whole new set of challenges. In the short amount of time that we’ve been seeing cases accrue, a record-high number of Americans have been forced to file for unemployment.